Our pieces come in a variety of mediums, including acrylic, watercolour, and beeswax by a collection of local artists in a variety of styles.

Where to shop?

You’ll always find our best selection of artwork at our Nanaimo gift shop. Shop online for a smaller, curated selection of artwork.

What’s in store?

Original art, prints, and cards. Some pieces are framed, others not. The majority of the work we have on hand is smaller than two feet and priced under $400.

Browse below for an idea of the unique treasures you could find!


Encaustic painting involves melting pigments into hot beeswax. When applied to the wood substrate, it quickly hardens. One advantage to this medium is the wax is strong enough to hold items such as photos, nails, and buttons, creating some unique pieces.

Mixed Media

Mixed media artwork combines different materials, such as acrylic, oil sticks, found objects such as postage stamps and labels, and others. Often multiple techniques are also used, such as mixing photography with mono-printing or stencilling.


Our watercolours are painted by Nanaimo-based John Hofman. John starts with an ink sketch before filling in with watercolour paint, creating a loose, energetic, but still rather precise effect.

Art Cards

We carry reproductions of original art on cards, as well as one-of-a-kind unique paper cards and cards made on a Heidelberg letterpress. Most of our cards are wordless, but we also have a line of hilarious, touching, and insightful wordy cards which are paired with vintage images.

Metal Art

Our metal art is cut on plasma cutters, a technique that brings precision to the artists’ designs. We commonly carry metal art of animals, birds, mountains, First Nations designs, and more.

Wood Art

We carry a range of framed arbutus rounds that are cut with intricate designs on a scroll saw. Crafted by Rowan Walton of Windy Tree, these works will amaze you. In addition to Rowan's work, we also carry a selection of equally-amazing finely turned bowls and other wood items.

Fused Glass

Our often quirky, always unique fused glass art can hang in the window, sit on a shelf, or feature on a wall. We also have a selection of fused glass jewelry for when you want to adorn yourself in something special.

Our artisans

  • April Lacheur

    Maple Ridge, BC

  • Beach Pebbles

    Parksville, BC

  • Caroline James

    Gabriola Island, BC

  • Christine Reimer

    Victoria, BC

  • Eunmi Conacher

    Sooke, BC

  • Janice Hofman

    Nanaimo, BC

  • John Hofman

    Nanaimo, BC

  • Pax Urban Art

    Nanaimo, BC

  • Suzanne Chatwin

    Nanaimo, BC

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