Metal Art

We have two artists creating plasma-cut steel works of art. Equally popular with men and women, they’re a consistent customer favourite.

Where to shop?

You’ll always find our best selection of metal art at our Nanaimo gift shop. Shop online for a smaller, curated selection of metal art.

What’s in store?

Our artists create steel wall art in a variety of styles, sizes, and themes. The designs change often – below you’ll get an idea of what we might have on hand.

Browse below for an idea of the unique treasures you could find!

Trees + Landscapes

Designs that incorporate trees and natural landscapes are always popular themes. There’s something about the juxtaposition of cold cut metal and flowing organic shapes that just seems to work.

Coast Salish

Jerrod at Ruggid Coast works with different First Nations artists to create a series of inspired aboriginal artwork. We carry a large range of animal designs by Coast Salish artist Joe Wilson, of Duncan BC, who Artzi Stuff has been promoting since 2011.


Both of our metal artists produce a range of designs that incorporate birds, sea creatures, and a variety of different mammals. We love how each artist brings their own unique style to their designs.

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island has a shape that’s instantly recognizable and meaningful to us locals. It’s also a shape that translates well into plasma-cut steel. We try to carry a variety of different sizes of ‘The Island’, but they are very hard to keep in stock!

Shaped + 3D

Our metal artists sometimes supply us with work that has been shaped and layered, creating engaging, three-dimensional pieces of art.


The work done by metal artist Josh Macklem is often flame-oxidized. This process gives his metal a lovely and warm burnished look – a bit like an oil slick – with gold, brown, blue, and purple hues.

Plasma Cut

The metal art with carry is typically created with the help of plasma cutters. This process allows our artists to achieve surprisingly intricate designs in their chosen medium of steel.

Our metal artisans

  • Macklem Design & Metalwork

    Whiskey Creek, BC

  • Ruggid Coast

    Nanaimo, BC

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