Windy Tree

Rowan Walton Nanaimo, BC

Rowan uses a needle-thin saw blade on a scroll saw to “draw” his designs in arbutus wood pendants and framed works of art. Arbutus trees are only found within 8 km of the North American coast line, so these items make a truly unique coastal gift.

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Words from the artist

The BC Coast has been home for Ro Walton since birth. With its endless abundance and beauty it has inspired his life process.

From the early days working as a shop teacher, living in the Arctic and travelling, he has found a way to live his truest passions as a father and a full time artist. Nestled in the Salish Sea on Mudge Island the Arbutus Tree came to life for Rowan in a new light and through a dedicated, explorative process of self and the vibrant world he became a self-taught artist.

Over the past 12 years Rowan has participated as a vendor at multiple Canadian Festivals with works sold in various galleries and stores across the continent.

This unique work is handcrafted from local Arbutus that has fallen during its natural cycle. It is collected with respect while hiking. The design comes to life as it is cut free-hand on a scroll saw, making every piece an original, created in a process of reverence and deep meditation.

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