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Robert Jakobsen Nanaimo, BC

Robert dazzles customers with his intricately-pieced hardwood pieces. Charcuterie boards, small boxes, ornaments, bookmarks, and coaster sets are among the Naturally Wood items found at Artzi Stuff.

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Words from the artist

Robert is an artisan native to Nanaimo, British Columbia where he salvages much of the wood used in his work. Logs which are considered to have little market value (e.g. destined for firewood) are milled with a portable band saw mill. Robert works with local woods to illustrate the diversity and beauty of British Columbia’s forest resources and the need for more attention to resource management.

Robert especially enjoys working with local woods and is very proud of the fact that a good portion of the wood he uses is salvaged locally on Vancouver Island with an eye to the sustainable use of the natural resources.

Initially Robert’s focus in woodwork was wooden boxes. More recently he has put more energy into furniture design and functional art. Robert especially likes to start the design process with the raw log, as it affords more opportunities for originality in the design process.

Robert is still very actively experimenting with new box designs but is looking forward to making custom one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. All of his pieces are built with a focus on designs that blend function with form. His pieces are made with quality starting materials, proven joinery techniques and safe finishes to ensure what is built lasts a lifetime.

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