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Tanya Streeter Nanaimo, BC

Tanya has been dyeing and printing silk scarves under the Artzi Stuff name since 1996. There is usually a selection of her printed bamboo T-shirts as well. This is the only place you can buy Artzi Stuff!

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Words from the artist

Ever since the inception of Artzi Stuff in 1996, my focus has been on practical, saleable items. I dye and print silk scarves, table linens, cushions, t-shirts and bags. For a long time I did not think of myself as an artist even though my community certainly did.

Although earning money as a fabric designer has been essential, at the same time I have progressed as an artist. When look at my past projects it’s clear to me that I have become more skilled as an artisan.

In the beginning it was important that I made objects that were beautiful and useful. But after years of immersing myself in fine art and craft, I now also appreciate the social value they carry.

I get immense pleasure, intellectual stimulation, and excitement from the work of others, and now feel it is acceptable for me to make things that simply hang on the wall.

I am very excited about textiles, paper, wire, wood, leaves, and fabric as my medium of choice and want to share this with others. As a textile artist I have a responsibility to let the world, especially the young, know that art encompasses more than painting and drawing.

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