Pewter Pendant (Honeybee)

  • Pewter Pendant (Honeybee)

The bee has a strong work ethic, but understands the importance of stopping to smell the flowers. Bees live and work in a community-oriented hive. They focus on service and are amazing builders, capable of carrying 300 times their weight.

They represent abundance, helpfulness, and productivity.

The tiny – but mighty – bee is a symbol of prosperity, brightness, love, and good luck.

These pewter pendants are cast from a handmade mold and are just under 1 inch (2.5) cm tall.

Blackened, polished and finished with attention to craftsmanship they hang from a black cotton cord with adjustable slip grips.

Made by my friends the Feschuk family at Metal Ice in Nanaimo, BC since 1996.

Pewter Pendant (Honeybee)

$22 / ea.