Karisa Evdokimoff

Nanaimo, BC

Karisa slab-builds richly textured cups, dishes, and plates with drawings of mushrooms and owls. Functional but highly decorative.

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Words from the artist

Being born and raised within British Columbia has allowed me to experience the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the thriving natural life. When I am wandering in nature or hiking in the mountains, on these journeys I often find myself collecting natural materials to incorporate within my work such as branches for texture, or rocks that will be the next ingredients in my glaze recipes.

I love every aspect of ceramics, from the intuitive process and physicality of molding clay, to glaze technology. I’m fascinated with the unpredictability and excitement of glaze testing, and astonished at how all ceramic materials come from the earth.

The wonders of nature and its vital role that it plays within our lives, is the driving force and inspiration behind a lot of my work.

I’m interested in the interconnected relationship that humans share with the natural world. My visual inspiration often stems from microscopic perspectives in natural environments and botanical structures and textures found in nature.

With a strong ecocentric perspective, I am continually exploring the natural world for meaning and beauty. As my passions and my creative process synchronize, my ideas develop and new discoveries materialize within my art work.

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